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Meet the Board


Dea Furgason

I love the transformation that can occur during the program. Watching the focus change from seeking drugs to seeking life in Christ is amazing!

Board President
Board Secretary

Derick Barnes

We founded Whosoever MV Inc in May of 2018 so I’ve been a part of this ministry from the start. The reason I love this ministry is you get the opportunity to relate how highly valued a life is to an individual who may not believe it about themselves, and you take them and funnel them through a program where you hope & pray they have an encounter with the Creator of the universe and the lover of their souls. They get the Gospel multiple times a week and have a sold-out group of volunteers that try to love them unconditionally to a personal relationship with Jesus if they didn’t already have one. 

Stephen Williams


Brenda Foglesong

I have been in the Whosoever ministry since it began. I love watching God work to change peoples' lives!

Women's Director
Board Member

Tyler & Chérie Hayes

I am a graduate of this program. Christ changed my life through this program, and I am honored to assist others as He uses the program to change their lives.

Tyler & I were married in April of '23. It has been a whirlwind but I am thankful to serve beside him every day!

Men's Director
& Board Member

Marjorie Aleshire

I am so blessed to be a part of this ministry! In my profession I see people at their absolute worst, I am overjoyed when I am allowed to witness the transformation that transpires when they turn it all over to Christ. "The goal isn't to be sober, the goal is to love yourself enough that you don't need your addiction." God is good all the time!

Board Member

Kenny Aughe

I am involved with Whosoever because I want to give back to those who are wanting out of addiction and to give back to my community. I am passionate about this for two reasons: first, I am a follower and disciple of Christ and furthering His kingdom is a priority for me. Second, I was in active addiction for 20 years and spent almost 10 years behind bars in county jails and prison. I have been to many differetn rehab programs in this stsate and because of that, I feel like I am able to connect with the men and hopefully help them out.


Melissa Day

I am honored to be a part of this ministry because I never get tired of seeing lives and families restored through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. This is love in action.

Board Member
Board Member

Scott Lung


Brian Parrish

I have been a board member since the Whosoever ministry began. I am so grateful for it and have been privileged to watch God's activity in and through it as He has used it in different ways throughout the years. Glory be to God!

Board Member
Board Member

Jason Robbins

Never in a million years did I expect what God had planned when we set out on a journey to do whatever God placed in our path. From feeding those without food to housing those without a a home to centers built on Christ for the purpose of recovery, I seek only to show the love that we've been shown through Christ. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the Whosoever family!

Program Director

Nathan Ross

Board Member
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